Algodones Mayas
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Algodones Mayas

Natural Color Cotton blended into our local patterns.

Native is our cotton. Native is our product.

Algodones MayasThe color cotton fiber harvested from the plant of these seeds has no natural or chemical dyes; nature gives color and life to our yarn.

Our fabrics are woven by skilled craftsmen from different regions of Guatemala who collaborate with us to create art and maintain tradition, generation after generation. In total harmony, these men and women form an essential part of Algodones Mayas’ great family.

Our story began over 25 years ago when our parents founded Algodones Mayas and opened our first store in Antigua, Guatemala. Their inspiration to create our products was Guatemala, and the beauty of its textiles and our people.

Today we continue to be inspired by the very same things that inspired our parents, however, the designs of our goods have evolved to meet the demands and desires of our customers. It became necessary to create a brand that represents each of our products, and which drives us to be better every day.

Algodones Mayas is proud to offer our customers an elegant and unique product from the land of the Mayans.

3a Calle Oriente casa #33   Tel: 7832-2605

More information and catologs of products for shopping can be found on our website:

Algodones Mayas

Algodones Mayas

Every good Algodones Mayas manufactures has a history. Each original story is what gives life to this great dream, and the hands that make our products weave the history of our company.

Each piece is hand made by a mother, a daughter, a grandparent, or a family friend. Currently, Algodones Mayas’ family is formed by more than 300 artisans from all around Guatemala. Their passion and their skill create a legacy by which Algodones Mayas lives every day, and these ideals are upheld in every facet of our company. Many artisans are now entrepreneurs who will leave a solid foundation for generations to come.

Algodones Mayas, and our brand Wayil, is a socially responsible company that supports its artisans and weavers. Thanks to our perseverance, technology, and outreach, we can offer a better future for their children and future entrepreneurs.

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  • I am interested in purchasing some artwork that we saw at your store during our trip to Antigua. I believe the artist’s name is Allan Wenchuamb. Can you email pictures of his artwork to me. I believe the one piece that we were most interested in was titled “Cuadros”. I look forward to hearing from you.