Bank G/T Continental
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BANK G&T Continental

Banco G&T Continental – Currency Exchange, ATM

BAM agencies you can find in Antigua.
A passport is always required to make any transaction.

5 Avenida Norte Número 2, Portal de las Panaderas, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7832-0639, 7832-3677

MON-FRI 10am to 7pm
SAT 9am to 2pm

Bank G&T Continental

5ta. Calle Poniente No. 38 Santa Lucía, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7832-9847, 7832-9848, 7832-9849

MON-FRI 9am to 5pm
SAT 9am to 1pm

Bank G&T Continental

La Recolección Agency
Avenida de Los Recoletos entre 3a y 5a Calle Poniente, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7882-4781
MON-FRI 9am to 6pm
SAT 10am to 2pm

More Information:

If you didn’t change money at the Airport, always change it at a Bank or a Hotel.

5b-224BANK G&T Continental offers ATM service

ATMs often empty out before holiday weekends, so withdraw your cash beforehand. Be sure your pin number only has four digits, as most Guatemalan ATMs don’t accept longer ones. Make withdrawals from ATMs in daylight, never at night. Where possible, choose ATMs inside banks rather than freestanding ones.

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