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El Cafetalito Guatemala Coffee

The best regional coffees from Antigua, Huehuetenango, Cobán and Atitlán.

Look for the El Cafetalito brand throughout Guatemala. In Antigua you can find it at La Bodegona.
Besides great coffee, our product line includes refreshing smoothies, Chai Tea, Café Frappeé, Iced Cappuccino, and more.

Guatemala coffeeMOKKA Blend
A blend of coffees from different coffee growing regions of Guatemala, achieving a perfect balance between body, aroma and acidity. We have named it Mokka coffee as it is a mixture of coffee with dark and light roast, which when combined, we get a chocolate flavor, creating a delicious cup of coffee.

REGIONAL Coffee La Antigua
It was in the region of Antigua where the first coffee plants were planted by the Jesuits as an ornamental plant to decorate their gardens.
Antigua is 1500mt above sea level and surrounded by volcanoes Agua, Fuego and Acatenango, which makes the soil fertile and good for producing coffee.
Antigua coffee has excellent body with a fairly pronounced acidity and balance between body and aroma. The taste of Antigua coffee can be classified as a sweet floral flavor.

REGIONAL Coffee Cobán
This region is characterized by very mountainous and lush vegetation. The wet season never ends as a light rain is known throughout the year called chipichipi.
This coffee-growing region is very important. The coffee has a unique fragrance and aroma, with a balance of acidity and body and presents a combination of smoothness and finesse.

REGIONAL Coffee Lake Atitlán
Lake Atitlan is characterized by its lush beauty. It is one of the most impressive places in the world.
Coffee is grown on the banks of the lake and on the slopes of Atitlán, Toliman volcanoes, and San Pedro. The coffee from this region is very aromatic, pronounced with a spontaneous fragrance, acidity in the beginning and a perfect balance at the end.

El Cafetalito has developed a unique process, using pure, clear water of the beautiful mountains of Guatemala. In the decaffeination process green coffee beans are immersed in water in order to extract the caffeine. The water contains soluble components of coffee beans which retain the flavor components so that during the extraction of caffeine the grains keep their original components. As a result of this process we obtain coffee beans that are 99.9% caffeine free.

For more information:   Tel: (502) 2311 – 3300

Guatemala coffee
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Guatemala coffee
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Guatemala coffee
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