el mercadito antigua
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Mercadito de Artesanias

ARTISAN MARKET — El Mercadito de Artesanias

Indoor Market: Browse through 82 artisan booths featuring 100% handmade crafts from all over Guatemala, in one central location.


el mercadito antigua

El Mercadito has an incredible selection of products including:

Jewelry – jade, silver, gold and precious stones – one of a kind pieces.

Ceramic – plates, bowls, decorative items, vases and figurines.

Wood – carvings, statues, gifts, home decor.

Leather – handbags, hats, wallets, belts – many incorporate local textiles.

Paintings – lovely landscapes, still life, and portraits created by talented Guatemalan artists.

Wrought Iron – chandeliers, candle holders, home decor – ask about custom designs.

Clothing – beautifully hand woven textile creations – blouses, shirts, dresses, scarves, hats, pants, specialty items.

Decorations – all types of hand made products for making your home more beautiful – glass, ceramic, textile, candles, and more.

Clean and safe, with plenty of space so you won’t feel crowded.

el mercadito antigua

All credit cards accepted and most major currencies.

El Mercadito is located on the west side of Antigua central park. 5a avenida norte #6 (portal de las panaderas)
Tels: 5828-6996, 5515-2878
OPEN DAILY from 8:00am to 8:00pm

el mercadito antigua

el mercadito antigua

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