Emergency Services

Emergency Phone Numbers Antigua

Need Assistance in La Antigua? Here are some emergency phone numbers and other services.

POLICE (Policía Nacional Civil)
Call: 110

 Scroll down for: Tourist Assistance, Transit Police, Parking Control, Firefighters.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo – INGUAT
5a. Calle Oriente No. 11, Casa del Turista
Tels: 7832-0787  –  PBX: 2421-2800 Ext. 6030.

Tourist Assistance Program: Dial 1500

Emergency Phone Numbers

Municipality of La Antigua Guatemala
Palacio del Ayuntamiento, (north side of Central Park)
Tel: 7720-7770

Transit Police Office
Tel: 7720-7799

Parking Control Office
In case your car has been towed
Teléfono: 7832-8794

Emergency Phone Numbers

Volunteer Firefighters
Campos de la Pólvora de Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7832-0234

Emergency Phone Numbers

Local Firefighters
Tel: 4144-2323

Emergency Phone Numbers

Policía Nacional Civil (Police Dept.)
Call: 110

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