ART by Jessica Gordon

ART by Jessica Gordon

September 11, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – October 6, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
La Antigua, Galería Panza Verde
5a Avenida Sur # 19

Jessica Gordon “El Arte del Flamenco”

Gordon is an enthusiastic dance student under the guidance of teacher Johana de Leon at her school, Camelas Flamenco del Sur in Antigua, Guatemala. Having opened the world of flamenco to Gordon, now she travels often to Spain to inject herself into the culture of flamenco, in southern Spain, Andalusia, in the art of flamenco. And it is purely an art form that one could spend a lifetime perfecting and exploring.

Gordon combines her interests with flamenco and painting, it seemed appropriate, and thus began a collection of oil paintings and sketches in coal to impart his love for a purity art form. She tried to capture the angles of the dancers, who are famous in flamenco. Straight postures, strong arms. The colors and shapes of the suits, the skirts especially. And the expressions on their faces; So dramatic.

The paintings carry many contrasting colors, which means the contrasts of flamenco dancing, so feminine and at the same time masculine, so intense but so subtle. This is the world of flamenco, intense and pure.

ART by Jessica Gordon

WED-SEPT 11, 5pm – 7pm
Open Until October 6th

Galería Panza Verde
5a Avenida Sur # 19 La Antigua Guatemala

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20% discount on food at the Panza Verde Restaurant for participants in the art gallery.

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