Art by Rosana Lagos

ART by Rosana Lagos

February 13, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
La Antigua, Galería Panza Verde
5a av sur #19
7955 8282

Silk Rains by Rosana Lagos

Art by Rosana Lagos

Rain, that cuddles dreams, that nourishes all life, and that disguises lightning.  Rain, that upon granting the sun, expresses full elation of the sky, the multicolored spectrum.

To see the rain approaching is one of the most awe-inspiring phenomena that life provides. Its calming effect slows all pace and welcomes a moment of reflection. I speak of subtle curtains of drips that distort the image afar, and if we concentrate on it, we leave the body and fall into a meditation.

This collection has been made using scores of layers that create subtle changes in tone and contrast by letting the water drip down in a semi-controlled manner. The metallic effect represents the sun and lighting that give the sky the intangible touch of coloration.

I dedicate this ensemble to that sensory, visual and audible feeling that offers proof that life´s greatest joys do not cost more than that of our attention.

Rosana Lagos, February 2019.

Inauguration WED-FEB 13, 5pm – 7pm

Galería Panza Verde
5a. Avenida Sur #19, La Antigua Guatemala

Art by Rossana Lagos

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