ART by Ludwing Paniagua

DIGITAL ART by Ludwing Paniagua

August 15, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
La Antigua, La Casa del Río
Calle del Hermano Pedro Antigua Guatemala
Master Class Q50
5673 6833

Santiago de Guatemala Profiles. A look at what could have been …

Ludwing Paniagua is a Guatemalan born artist, interested in the arts world from a young age. He never imagined that his works were to be seen by many people when he entered the world of Digital Matte Painting as part of the Guatemalan team that worked on movies like: The Chronicles of Narnia, Fast and Furious (Tokio Drift) and The Nativity Story.

DIGITAL ART by Ludwing Paniagua
Digital Artist Ludwing Paniagua

“In using digital painting techniques I had the opportunity to recreate the city of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus Christ’s birth, Why not recreate the city of Santiago before its ruin? ”

It was the question that the artist asked himself and that is how this project was born.

The exhibit consists of eight pieces in which you can appreciate La Antigua Guatemala’s monumental buildings before the catastrophes ocurred that left them in their current state.

5pm Master Class cost Q50
7:00 pm, Exhibit Inauguration FREE

La Casa del Río,
Calle del Hermano Pedro, La Antigua Guatemala

Master Class 5pm Q50

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