Guatemagica Annual Art Festival

GUATEMAGICA Annual Art Festival

September 30, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm
La Antigua, Convento de Santa Teresa
1a Calle Oriente & 4a Avenida Norte (corner)
Q100 - Q295

GuateMágica is an exclusive, new festival that praises Guatemalan culture during the nation’s most patriotic month.

The inaugural event, set for Sept. 30 at Convento de Santa Teresa in La Antigua Guatemala, unites the best in an array of artistic specialties: high fashion, painting, photography, sculpture, decoration, floral design, music and culinary art.

Patrons will have an enriching, unique experience that exudes national pride amid a floral ambiance and typical Guatemalan theme, with proceeds benefitting the Diplomatic Ladies’ Charitable Organization. Organizing the event is UNIK’ Anita Lara.

Guatemagica Annual Art Festival

Within the convent’s walls, the festival will have three scenarios. The central square and its fountain will be alive with scenic arts, including musicians, mimes, jugglers, giants and magicians. Guided tours go through 340 years of history and appreciate the floral designs. The atrium will feature expositions and sales kiosks: artists in action, sculpture, arts and crafts, high fashion, gourmet and beverage sampling. The hallways and interior lounges, which until 2007 served as prison cells, will be beautifully decorated with flower arrangements for the grand finale. Led by the designer Anita Lara, 20 international models will walk among patrons, who will be sitting comfortably sipping champagne.

The organizer, UNIK’ Anita Lara, has 35 years of experience in staging social events and 18 years of experience in the world of fashion. The team has produced many events in Guatemala, focusing in the last years in catwalks with international models and assisting in fashion events in Paris, Lyon, New York, Las Vegas and Miami.

Guatemagica Annual Art Festival

1pm –  8pm

Convento de Santa Teresa
1a Calle Oriente & 4a Avenida Norte (corner) La Antigua.

Guatemagica Annual Art Festival

1pm – 6pm Ticket Q100.

6pm – 8pm Ticket Q295 which allows entrance from 1 p.m.
Red flowers carpet entrance, cocktail and catwalk.

Guatemagica Annual Art Festival

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GUATEMAGICA Annual Art Festival