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At Hola Expat we prepare tax returns for U.S. Citizens living abroad.
As a small firm, we provide our clients with highly personalized attention.

We don’t charge expensive fees, especially when your tax return is straightforward.
We’re not a big firm, so every client is important. That’s why we never outsource to contractors.

We have streamlined the process of filing taxes so that it’s fast and simple.

Prepare Tax Return
A basic federal return costs only $300.

We provide FATCA-related consultations, and prepare the required filing documents.

Help with IRS Notice
We provide hands-on assistance in responding to an IRS notice (e.g., installment agreements, offer-in-compromise, currently not collectible).

Expat taxes may be complicated, but our process makes it simple. Let’s talk.
Email: info@holaexpat.com   website: holaexpat.com

Hola Expat
John Ohe

John Ohe does the tax work at Hola Expat.
He is an IRS enrolled agent, and holds the CFA designation.
John graduated from Dartmouth, and has an MBA from the Wharton School.

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Living abroad, many U.S. expats give too little thought to saving for retirement.


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