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Holy Week Museum Antigua

Holy Week Museum – Convent of Sister Juana de Maldonado y Paz

Holy Week MuseumThis 18th century building is part of the Convent of the Immaculate Conception, the Order that Sister Juana de Maldonado y Paz belonged to.

Museo de las Tradiciones de Semana Santa Sor Juana de Maldonado

Sister Juana de la Concepción (born Juana de Maldonado y Paz in Santiago de Guatemala, 1598 -1666) was a nun, writer, and an intellectual woman. She is considered one of the most interesting and controversial figures of the 17th century. She enjoyed fame as a poet according to friar and English traveler Thomas Gage (1597-1656).

Holy Week Museum
Service “Patio” — photos by Hadazul Cruz

The father of Sister Juana built her living quarters inside the convent that were known for their opulence, they were always full of poets, painters and writers, who were attracted by her beauty and fascinating personality. She is reputed to have had the best collection of musical instruments in the city, a complete library, and a lavish private chapel.

Holy Week Museum
Central “Patio” and Fountain


Holy Week Museum
Fountain Detail

The Private Convent has a typical domestic floor plan distribution; a main cloister ornamented with medals and in its center a fountain with rich decoration.

Holy Week Museum

The service patio has a bathtub and the kitchen with its original lantern.

Holy Week Museum
“Pila” in the service area

The conservation and restoration process of the convent began in 2007 with the purpose of revitalizing it as the The Holy Week Museum.

Holy Week Museum
Exhibition Hall

The museum has an exhibition hall, a conference room and an interactive area.

Holy Week Museum
Conference Room hosting a temporary exhibit
Holy Week Museum
4a calle oriente final # 45, Barrio de La Concepción, La Antigua Guatemala.OPENING HOURS:  9:00am – 5:00pmCOST: Q5CONTACT:
Tel. 7882-4789


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