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Ilumina Sense/Meki Cosmetics

Ilumina Sense,  aromatic candles, aromatic oils and more …

We are a family business, founded in 2000, located in La Antigua Guatemala. Our founder started the handmade candle production, from a small space in the kitchen of her house, always using the best quality ingredients and the best essences.  Eventually, it was necessary to open a larger workshop and a store where each of our customers is attended personally.

Meki Cosmetics, hair and skin products variety.

All our products are made with natural ingredients and no added chemicals that can harm your skin. We offer a variety of products, such as coconut oil, essential oils, body creams, body scrubs with essential oils and coffee, facial scrub, face cleansing foams, tonics with aloe vera and vitamin E, shampoos with natural extracts and much more.

7a Calle Poniente #16, La Antigua

THUR- TUES, 11am-5pm


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