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LAUNDRY Service Antigua

A Listing of some Laundry Services in Antigua

Laundry Service Antigua

Most hotels offer laundry service, but just in case, there are several laundries in Antigua that will wash, dry and fold your clothes for you. Some will even pick them up and return your clothes to you.

Laundry Service Antigua

Your laundry is usually done within a couple of hours. There are also a few locations that allow you to wash your clothes yourself using coin operated machines.

Laundry Service Antigua

These are some of the companies that provide laundry service in Antigua, you can also ask for other options at your Spanish School, Hotel or Travel Agency.

Lavandería El Siglo
6a. Calle Poniente #49 La Antigua G.
Tel: 7832-7992

La Sercha Internacional Antigua
4a. Calle Oriente # 46 La Antigua G.
Tel: 7832-7774

Bio Lavandería Il Bucato:
6a. Avenida Norte #35 La Antigua G.
MON-FRI 7:30 am to 18:30 pm
SAT & SUN 8 am to 2 pm (Until the last delivery)

Rainbow Laundry (near Rainbow Café and Rainbow Travel)
6a. Avenida Sur #15 La Antigua G.
Tel: 7832-2745
MON-SAT 7 am to 7 pm
SUN ring the bell for service.

Detalles Ecolaundry & Dry Cleaning
6a Avenida Norte #3 La Antigua G.
Tel: 7832-5973
Open until 6 pm

So, pack light and feel confident that you will have clean clothes to wear while you are in La Antigua!

Laundry Service Antigua




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