Museum of Antique Books
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Museum of Antique Books

Museo del Libro Antiguo

Museum of Antique Book
Antique Book

Museum of Antique Books exhibits a valuable collection of books and original documents published in Guatemala (1660 to 1821) during the colonial period, a sample of the printed production in what it was “El Reino de Guatemala” (The kingdom of Guatemala).

The museum has three permanent exhibition halls and a series of temporary exhibitions each year with a diversity of themes.

Museum of Antique Book

Museum of Antique BooksWHERE: Casa de la Primera Imprenta, Portal del Ayuntamiento #6, La Antigua Guatemala (In front of the Central Park)

Tue-Fri  9am to 4pm
Sat-Sun 9am to 12pm –  2pm to 4pm
Monday – Closed


Photos and videos are not allowed.

More Information:
Tel: 7832-5511
E-Mail:     website:

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