Museum of Colonial Art
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Museum of Colonial Art

Museo de Arte Colonial

An important museum because it contains an extensive art collection from the 16th to the 18th centuries, including sculptures, paintings and furniture.

Museum of Colonial Art


One of its most valuable treasures is part of the series paintings “La Pasión de Cristo” (The Passion of Christ) by Guatemalan artist Tomás de Merlo, these paintings are very important because the rest of the series were stolen in 2014 from Iglesia de El Calvario in La Antigua.

Museum of Colonial Art
La Oración en el Huerto by Tomás de Merlo. -Stolen-

Mexican artists from the colonial era, including Juan de Correa and Miguel Cabrera, are on display here.

Museum of Colonial Art


Besides the art collections, the museum itself is a piece of art, it is housed inside the former University of San Carlos de Borromeo, and it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, built at a time when local Baroque architecture, had reached its “maturity”.

Museum of Colonial Art

Located across the street from Central Park,
5ª. Calle Oriente #5

TUE – FRI: 9am-4pm
SAT – SUN: 9am-noon, 2pm-4pm


More Information: 78320-429

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