Museum of Hermano Pedro
San Francisco's Church
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Museum of Hermano Pedro

Museo del Hermano Pedro

In the Church of San Francisco there is a small museum in honor of Hermano Pedro, Guatemala’s first Saint. The museum has different exhibits including:


Museum of Hermano Pedro
Colonial Hall

The Colonial Hall, an exhibit of religious objects that have belonged to the Franciscan Congregation since colonial times, that includes, images, priestly vestments, ancient documents, a seventeenth century altarpiece, collections of some pieces of Mayan ceramics, and others.

Museum of Hermano Pedro
Hall of Miracles

The Hall of Miracles, which houses several objects that faithful devotees have left as testimony of the favors received by the intercession of Hermano Pedro.

Museum of Hermano Pedro
Objects that Belonged to Brother Pedro

And the Hermano Pedro’s Hall, where you can find objects that belonged and were commonly used by the Saint. This museum opened in 1982, and it was restored in 2002.

8a Calle Oriente and Calle de los Pasos

Monday to Sunday
9:30 to 17:30


About Hermano Pedro de San José de Betancourt
Museum of Hermano Pedro
Brother Pedro de San José de Betancourt

Pedro de Betancourt, was a Spanish missionary in Guatemala, known as the “St. Francis of Assisi of the Americas”, he is the first saint native to the Canary Islands, and is also considered the first saint of Guatemala and Central America.

Museum of Hermano Pedro
El Calvario, a small church where Brother Pedro lived.

He founded a hospital for the poor in La Antigua; he was distinguished by the humble spirit and austere life with which he practiced mercy. Peter is considered the great evangelist of the West Indies, he devoted his life to helping those marginalized: lepers, prisoners, slaves and Indians and served as precursor of Human Rights

Museum of Hermano Pedro
Brother Pedro’s Tomb

Beatified in 1980 and made a saint in 2002 when Pope John Paul II visited Guatemala, Peter of Saint Joseph’s tomb is visited by thousands each year asking for favors and miracles.

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