San Sebastian Park and Church
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San Sebastián Park and Church

San Sebastián was founded as a chapel in 1565. It was here that the illustrious poet Rafael Landívar was baptized.

San Sebastian Park and Church
Photo by Arnold Genthe 1900-1916

Saint Sebastian, was chosen as its patron to protect it from the damage caused by the constant earthquakes that damaged the city, nevertheless the temple was affected by an earthquake in 1689.

Several reconstruction works followed over the years but it was finally rebuilt, and was put back into service in 1692 with the rank of parish.

San Sebastian Park and Church
Yas-Noriega Collection. CIRMA 1895-1914

After a series of strong earthquakes, it is in 1773 that this church does not pass the final test and was totally destroyed, it was finally abandoned by the authorities of the time.

San Sebastian Park and Church

Its atrium was used to build a park with a fountain in its center, surrounded by palm trees.

San Sebastian Park and Church

The current park offers an atmosphere of tranquility, there, you can enjoy an afternoon of pleasant talk or reading.

In the west corner of the park, over “Avenida El Desengaño”, it is possible to catch a bus to Jocotenango, Pastores, Chimaltenango or San Felipe.

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