retire Antigua Guatemala
La Antigua Guatemala (photo: Mercedes Mejicanos)
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So you want to retire in Guatemala

The difference between an ordeal and an adventure is all in your attitude.

While planning for a retirement overseas, we would wager that most people occupy themselves with practical concerns: language barriers, resident visas, banking, renting or buying property, medical care and the like. From our experience, these issues are the easiest part of making a lifestyle change.

It’s the emotional and psychological aspects that are the hidden challenges in adapting to a foreign lifestyle. If not met with flexibility and compromise, it can destroy your dream of retiring abroad, and in some instances it even destroy relationships.

Many people trip themselves up by believing that they are going to live just like they did at home, only cheaper. We want to tell you that no place overseas is just like home. Customs, foods, weather cycles, housing codes, the treatment of pets, laws—if you don’t embrace them you’re bound to be unhappy.

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retire Antigua Guatemala
We have seen folks love the quaintness of their new town but then they fall apart because they discover that market day involves stopping in six locations.
retire Antigua Guatemala
Celebrations will occur on dates that have no meaning to you, processions will assemble, stopping traffic and shutting down streets.

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