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ST. ALBAN Episcopal Mission

St. Alban’s is an English speaking mission of the Episcopal Church gathering people who want to grow spiritually and be supported in their service in the world.
Main focus is the teaching of Jesus in the Gospel as it applies to daily living. In a spirit of radical hospitality, all residents and visitors of Antigua are welcome.
A Holy Eucharist is celebrated at 10am each Sunday at the Casa Convento Concepción led by Rev. John Smith, Vicar. A brightly colored windsock marks the entrance.

John Smith, Vicar
John Smith, Vicar

St. Alban’s Mission, John Smith, Vicar

Casa Convento Concepción, 4a Calle Oriente #41

Tel: 5235-6674    Email:

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Every Sunday, 10am-11am

Entrance to Casa Convento Concepción
Entrance to Casa Convento Concepción


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