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Useful information about Taxi Service in Antigua
and other ways to get around

La Antigua is a small town and it is very pleasant to walk around, but sometimes you will need some faster transportation.

Taxi Service Antigua

If you are near central park, you can find Taxis parked next to the cathedral. You can also find them at the “Mercado” just walk through the main entrance of the Central Market next to Pollo Campero and you will find Taxis parked a few steps ahead.

Taxi Service in Antigua
Taxis in front of the Cathedral at Central Park. (photo by Ludwing Paniagua)

Cost varies depending on your destination, a 10-minute ride can cost about Q60, which is relatively expensive. Make sure to agree the price with the taxi driver before you board, just tell him your destination. It’s ok to bargain!.  Expect to pay the higher rate, maybe even a little more, after dark.

Additional contact numbers for Taxi Service in Antigua

Manuel Gomez Felix
Tel: 7832-0479
Calle Ancha #40 La Antigua G.

Taxis Antigua
Tel: 7832-2360
Calle Ancha #40 La Antigua G.

Taxis Mijangos
Tel: 7832-5049
4 Calle Poniente (In front of Central Market)

Tuk Tuks

Taxi Service in Antigua
Tuk Tuks are prevelant in Antigua. (photo by Heather White)

A Tuk Tuk is a three-wheeled minitaxi nominally seating three passengers and a driver, it is a faster and cheaper way of transportation in Antigua (quite an adventure).  You can catch a Tuk Tuk at almost every corner. They cost approx Q15 to go anywhere within Antigua (about $2) but, make sure to agree the price with the driver before you board, and again, it’s OK to bargain.  Expect to pay little more, after dark and during the holidays.

Taxi Service in Antigua
photo by Francesco Nadalini

Be advised that Tuk Tuks are not allowed to drive near Central Park, so you have to walk a couple of blocks to catch one. If the Central Park is your destination, they will leave you a couple of blocks away. Tuk-Tuks can be found anywhere from 3rd Ave/3rd Calle  and 6th  Ave / 6th  Calle).

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